The Diet Solution For The Overweight

After consuming myself trying all sorts of diets, diet food, pills and potions, I believe I have finally realized the answer to weight loss. Or at a minimum for myself. Right after losing almost 25kilos in approx three months, I am no longer overweight and I would like to show you all how by using clever diet as well as nutrition I eventually managed to lose unwanted pounds in a smarter, better and faster way than anything I’ve ever used before.

Every single human body is different, and so results will vary for everybody, however I would like to share with you some smart weight loss tips that have helped me profoundly and can hopefully help you in your diet plan and weight loss goals also.

meticore amazonMy suggestions on what to do to lose weight:

1) When to exercise:

The perfect and most reliable time to work out specifically for weight loss is in the early morning before breakfast. Ensure that you do this BEFORE eating or even drink something aside from water! Exercising before eating means the body is burning up fat instead of what you’ve just eaten or drank.

Two) Drink water:

It’s important that you consume a minimum of 200 ml of water prior to a workout to ensure you are burning fat rather than lean muscle mass. Also what they are saying is true, 6-8 cups of water sipped throughout the day is best weight loss pill (try what he says).

Three) Clever exercise, no more exercise:

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