Health Supplements Can’t ever Replace Prescription Medication

best blood pressure pill for diabetesThe popularity of health supplements has given people a misconception that they’ve found an alternative for prescription medications, which are usually prescribed by healthcare providers. The simple fact that the United States alone consumes roughly $1.6 billion worth of fish oil supplements demonstrates that more and more people are choosing options for the better benefits they offer. Regrettably, those who steadfastly think that such alternative will provide them the type of relief given by normal medicines sold on the market is going to be in for a shock since they are able to never replace the tried and tested techniques, BPS-5 ( which are used by pharmaceutical companies.

This supplement is particularly true with natural lipped mussel supplements that people have come to trust over the past three years or so. Folks believe the hype which is made around this product and continue using it to look for relief from pain and stiffness in the joints of theirs. Promoters of the products have also made plenty of initiatives to mention other advantages which men and women are able to get whenever they decide to take such products. Unfortunately little is considered about the negative effects that may remain by dietary supplements made from green lipped mussels.

WebMD a reputed tool for information of such a kind has pointed out on their internet site which some folks may not have the ability to take supplements made from this shellfish as it might leave behind allergies and unwanted side effects like diarrhea, intestinal gas and nausea. Rare cases of complications with the liver are also reported by this reputed site. They’ve also mentioned that women that are pregnant should stay away from alternative medications such as these because not a lot of information is available regarding how they could gain from the products.

The unwanted side effects left behind by prescription drugs is popular and has been publicized frequently. People feel that items made from natural resources will prove to be an even better choice against several of the ailments that they find. While it’s correct that health supplements out of green lipped mussels is able to certainly provide people with the help they need from certain issues it can not be assumed that they are going to be ready to upgrade prescription medications altogether and only continue a diet of health and fitness supplements. This’s a reality which should be understood by those who encounter challenges of different styles and are required to contact healthcare providers regularly. Green lipped mussel supplements are best treated as a substitute which can keep a person healthier instead of a medicine which can increase the wellbeing of an impacted individual.

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