Four Health Supplements to shed Weight

best blood pressure supplementBased on the National Institutes of Health, food manufacturers are accountable for the protection of their food items. With several health supplements mushrooming in the industry, it is little difficult for the regulating authorities to manage the quality as well as efficacy of such products for consumers. Regulating bodies as FDA are unable to step in and prevent sales until buyers complain. Hence, if you are using any health supplement, it’s always helpful to ask your physician before consuming.

There are many health supplements offered in market nowadays. However there are very few which are safe for consumption. Below offered are some of the efficient and safe weight reduction supplements:

Green tea

Green tea extract

As per the US National Library of Medicines, consuming green tea extract could be beneficial in minimizing considerable quantity of weight in people which are obese. Moreover, this health supplement is safe for human consumption. Green tea has huge amounts of catechin, compounds which have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-antioxidant properties. It’s been confirmed through studies that those that take Green tea each day can reduce considerable amount of weight in under three months. Now-a-days green tea is offered in the type of tablets.



Stevia is one of the natural and safe sugar substitutes which are appealing great deal of health enthusiasts now-a-days. Discovered centuries ago in South America, stevia has 0 calories and 0 carbohydrate because of that it’s been attracting health enthusiasts and overweight people. The foliage of stevia are dehydrated and powdered to form stevia extracts. You are able to find out more by clicking here [relevant resource site] different forms of stevia in the market – powder, liquid, pills and dried out leaves. There are already studies to support the benefits of stevia for diabetic and overweight people. According to some of the studies, stevia can also manage blood pressure levels in hypertensive patients. It contains rebaudioside, a glycoside which is accountable for sweetness.

Fish oils

Fish oils

Fish oils are omega three essential fatty acids that are vital for growth and development. Since human body can’t make omega 3 fatty acids, it’s vital to take them as supplements. Omega three fatty acids are getting to be one of the popular health supplements in US. They’re consumed by people in preventing some of the really serious health complications.


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